Coral Orange Affair! ~OOTD~

Hello TWP's (The Women Plaza buddies)

                                                             ~Lights Camera Action~

I was planning for a OOTD but could not be satisfied with any location in my house. Yes if you are thinking house you have got it right. When I clicked this all I was at the earthquake alert city. Nobody was ready to go with me where I can click better. I need the sunlight for my photos not in indoor. So finally decided to shoot at our terrace. But who will click the pics was a big question!!! Nobody in my home was interested.
I think I have spent a kilo butter for buttering up my sis to do this. And finally here it is :-D
I need a tripod seriously!!!

As you can see it's my first Western Outfit Of The Day post.

at last a smile pic is must...
Dress- "And" (I love this color, Orange is my fav though it's coral orange)
Shoes- "Inc.5" (in this days it's my fav)
Ear rings- Max store
Bracelate - Pantaloons

PS- I used Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick Orange Edge review is here
                                                                                                                       Love You All


  1. Just love love love the look!! The dress , shoes everything is going perfectly, plus the orange edge is really looking good!! 😘

  2. Thanks Somorita♥ even I love it too... (d lipstick)


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