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Valentine week is going on and boys are already thinking for their pocket. Why always boys??? This Valentine's day pamper your men with something special. Yes, girls can also make them feel special.
Here I'm going to tell you some different gift ideas.
Some priceless Ideas
Hand made cards and decals: If he is an emotional person who loves you more than anything then he can see the love behind your efforts.

well those are made by my sis & me.
Lunch or Dinner: There is a old quotation " The way to a Man's heart is through his stomach..." Cooking food for man is a good way to win his affections. Make anything what he loves and give him in a personalized Tiffin box. If u can't make hold on, book a special table for lunch/dinner in this valentines day or any special occasion. Even I'm going to do this. My Mr.Would be is a big food lover but likes only yes only Bengali cuisine and kababs nothing else not even desserts(ice cream or any sweets). So I'm planning for Kewpie's or Bhojohori Manna or Kasturi Restaurant.
Hand made frame: make a frame with photos and seal your special moments. This wall frame always make him happy.

Handwritten letters: I think it is more meaningfull than an email or text. Yes give him a beautiful sweet love note. Write it on a hand made paper it gives a special look. And also u can spray your perfume on it before sealing. Then every word of love along with the perfume will make him think of you. Also you can seal your notes in a love Jar.

A Sweet Box: Well it's a little costly but if your Valentine loves sweets then it will make him happy.

Scrapbooks: I must say it is not only for girls. Who will not love a scrapbook filled with special moments? Not only your special moments, pics from his childhood, souvenirs & future plans of him, special events that describe his life. Also u can add some sweet notes, some love quotes and poems to him. Believe me it's an unique treasure to your guy.

Some quotes or words that make him Happy
 “I Care”
"You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me."
 “You’re not alone in any situation"
“Do you want a hug?”
 "I don’t want to say I couldn’t live without you, I just

wouldn’t want to."
"My heart races the moment I see you."
" I still get butterflies when you come around."
“I can’t really fully understand what you are feeling,

but I can offer my compassion.”
 “You are important to me.”
"I hope we can grow old together."
“If you need a friend….. (and mean it)”
"If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right."
"It feels like time stops when you kiss me."

And so on...
Flowers: Everyone love flowers. Yes Men also.
Some Useful gift ideas:
Garments are always useful.
Male grooming kit: Important for men. In budget also.

Pens: It's a gift for any age.
Personalized gifts: Personalized gifts with photos&notes like Photo Crystal Gifts, Pics on Stone, Photo Mugs, Personalized Pens, Key rings,Custom T-shirts and so many. You can find here
Pricy Gifts:
Hand stamped vintage crafts like a silver spoon. It's creative and always makes thoughts about you.

Belts Wallets and Sunglasses from a good brand.
Books for readers.
Head-phone for a music lover.
Lather Jackets and Gloves for Riders.
Extravagant Gifts: Well If you have enough then go for a watch brands like Titan, Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil,Guess,Rolex,Tissot,Diesel,Omega,Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Patek Philippe and so many. Even some of this brands range starts at 5or6k. If you are searching for really expensive then go for a i-phone or a Rado with diamonds.

I think it's more than enough. Those are not only Valentine's Day gift ideas you can give in any occations.
My little hand made gift and traditional Bengali food (something like this without any dessert) for my man... I can't say whats inside it...



  1. hey I have seen the surprise............ I will be glad to get the hand made gift.. but i love the dishes made by you and those are enough for me, so don't book table anywhere............... Sandip...

  2. i am curious to see what is inside it..........

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  4. Aww such a thoughtful post ! And helpful too :)

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