How to know different female Body shapes.

I can bet, you've read this type of article many times but I would like to write my own version as I make it really simple that will help you a lot...
Let’s come to the point. Basically there are 5 types of body shapes and each type has different sub categories.
The main categories are-
                       1)  Rectangle- Straight up and down shape, no define waist. Because of the straight lines, the rectangle body shape is also called banana or ruler shape or Column body shape. They are also called "Petite" when they are 'short'.
*Neat rectangle or "H" Shape- shoulders and hips are similarly sized with no waist line. This body shapes lack curves (chest, waist, hips and bottom) – which may make them look less feminine.
*Tubular or Candle or lean column shape- Very slim.  Hard to get weight at all.  Narrow shoulders. Small bust, waist and hip measurements. Mostly tubular has small chest and bottom with a little definition at waistline and sometime short. And candles are tall with same features. Most of the models have this shape.
*Cello body- When a rectangle gains weight it is called cello body. They have large bust, heavy bottom, heavier thighs and hips with broad shoulders.
*Brick body- A masculine body type, with flat butts, broad shoulders, short & straight legs and undefined waist.
                 2) Pear Body- The hip measurement is greater than the bust measurement, full bust line with narrow shoulder and the legs are short. The thighs are full and with a full bottom. As body fat percentage increases, an increasing proportion of body fat is distributed around the waist and upper abdomen. Pear body shape is also known as spoon, bell, “Christmas tree”,"A" shape or triangle shape body.

* Vase Shape- This body shape is almost like pear shape. Differences are-Narrow shoulders, small bust, slim waist, mostly slim arms, Feminine curvy hips, at least 10cm wider than waist.

                      3) Inverted triangle or Cone Shape- With your wide shoulder your silhouette is also known as Inverted triangle or cone or champagne flute shape or strawberry or "V" shaped body. It's the most athletic-looking silhouette among the 5 body shapes and can be seen on many catwalk models, such as Cindy  Crawford and Gemma Ward & more. This shape gains weight fast in the upper body part and arm.
Strawberry Shape

 *Lollipop body shape: This shape has narrow shoulders, big bust, short waist and skinny legs.
                        4) Hourglass shape- This is the real beauty since 18's especially for their CURVES. The hip and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist. This body gains weight on hips, legs and bust. It's also called Xshape or 8 shape body.

*Neat Hourglass-  Shoulders and hips in line. A defined bust. A waist, even with a softy curved tummy and a curved bottom.

*Full Hourglass-  Bigger thighs, a rounded bottom and hips. Small waist with a full bust.
Both have a waist line, which is 8” to 12” smaller than bust & hip line.

                  5)Apple and Diamond shape- They both have undefined waist and fullness around the middle. Both gain weight first in belly area having the famous "love handles".

*Apple- Apples have a rounder shoulder line and flattish bottom with big bust and good legs. Bust, waist and hips have almost the same girt. They are not very large & their stomach is lower.
Also known as "round", "O" shape, "wineglass" shape, Goblet shaped body.
*Diamond- A diamond body has broader hips and belly than their bust and shoulder. They have proportionately slender, shapely arms. Also called "oval Shape", "Skittle body".
     It is not up to you  that you can change your basic structure so just love your body and try to maintain your BMI (kg/m2 ) at 19 to 23. Stay Healthy.
                                                                                         XOXO Tee...

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  1. great commentary in my younger days I was an hourglass now that I am 50 everything started getting bigger don't know what my shape is now can you help me my measurements are as follows 36.5 inches bust 31.5 inches in waist and 41.5 inches in hips my shoulders are narrow compared to my hips, my waist is short and my hips are what some people call high hips or shelf hips


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