How to do L'Oreal Hair Spa At Home?

L'Oreal Hair Spa At Home. 

I actually went to the hair salon spa for a few days after rebonding hair unecessarily, and paid a lot of money is a very simple process. The next time I received the product itself, and not every thin that my hairdresser had made a step-by-step. You can start with buying a cream loreal hair spa that comes in a large jar with 500 ml (u can buy costumes as hair UR). u should also buy Moisturizing Hair Spa 8 ml concentrate ... that, depending on ur hair. Mix 1 tablespoon of the spa-based cream with a bottle of concentrated scalp selected.
After shampooing and towel drying, apply the mixture with a brush (ou can use your fingers UR) in the scalp.
Then take another tablespoon cream and only half the job lengths and ends of her hair. comb through the entire length of hair u can ask ur friend, then a massage.
After the massage, if u is a steam engine at home u can take a nice steam or u can put a towel with hot water, then squeeze well to remove all the water then u can set ur towel head ... as good as the steam.
let stand 10 minutes wash with warm water.


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