Healthy Diet and Good Food

Healthy Diet.

The body needs vital nutrients for its various functions. Food provides the nutrients to the body. Water is another essential component of the food needed for every metabolic reaction.

The deficit of these essential nutrients are eventually leads to loss of business or reduce any of the function and can change the setting, which can lead to deficiency diseases.

Furthermore, the lack of nutrients can promote chronic related diseases age, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, heart and cancer. Therefore, a nutritious diet is important in the prevention of various diseases and cure.

What constitutes a healthy diet?

No single food provides all the essential nutrients in appropriate proportions, so a healthy diet should include a wide variety of foods consumed in moderation.Usually as much energy from different nutrients that are being considered.

Thus, a healthy diet should consist of a range of foods consumed VA dive in percent of energy moderation.Fifty we need should come from carbohydrates in food, while 30-35% should come from fat and 15 to 20% must be provided by protein.

Healthy diet and adequate, which is a combination of essential nutrients in proportion, to help you achieve your body's nutrient and energy needs and provide enough healthy phyto chemicals.

Eat a well balanced diet on a regular basis and maintain their ideal weight are critical factors in maintaining your emotional and physical well-being and thus help prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.


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