Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise and Weight Loss

Everyone wants to look for the best all the time, and then we go different ways to reduce weight and look good. Studies have shown that obesity is linked to diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, gout, etc. So, you must balance the weight of one of their height.

When we are overweight eat more calories than our body needs. To avoid this, we need to control what we eat, and helps the body to burn excess calories.

Being active is a key component of any program of weight loss. Whenwe are active, our body uses more energy, which helps burn caloriesthat we get through our diet.

An important part of any program of weight loss is regular exercise, which helps prevent the storage of fat from excess calories we consume. Balance the number of calories you expend through exercise and physical activity with the calories you eat will help you achieve the desired weight. The key to successful weight loss and better overall health is part of physical activity into your daily routine.

Exercise and weight loss

Weight loss for good is the goal of every dissatisfied with their current size and best exercise to lose weight shape.The is something you enjoy doing and will probably continue to do so, not only losing weight, but also as it maintains the focus of the long term.

Almost every year to help a person lose weight if obese isseverely. Continuous exercises that work the entire body weight exercises are the best exercises for thebest loss.The weight lossinclude walking, swimming, jogging, cycling or using ellipticaltrainer because you have to use your body. However, it has the right to useth used to lose weight if you're just a little 'side theheavy.

Whatever activity you choose, the key is to commit to do it regularly. Correct timing should be applied to exercise to lose weight. You should also keep an elevated heart rate for prolonged periods. Moderately intense activity or exercise to increase heart rate and respiration, and possibly lead to weat lights.

The initial condition is to do 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Then gradually add to this about 60 minutes of exercise a day. The best combination is a mixture of aerobic and strength training. Aerobic exercises and strength training and help with weight loss, but in different ways.

On foot

Walking is an ideal exercise to lose weight. Walking helps to burn a good portion of fat. Also burns lots of calories especially performed in the long term and strong. However, as with any exercise, weight loss depends on the intensity of the effort. Walking is a good start for people of all ages who want to lose weight quickly.

Aerobics and jogging

Aerobic exercises are very popular and has helped numerous attempts to lose weight.They can be very effective to burn a large amount of total energy in one sitting. Start a new exercise program of gentle walking activities.After few weeks to try to go well until a small fitness is developed as aerobic exercise may be more effective.Light jogging will also help you burn calories and lose weight.


Running for about 7 min / mile has been shown to burn more than 10 cal / min.

Light housework (dusting or washing dishes)

Domestic activities such as dusting or washing helps burn calories. Running multiple chores on a regular basis could increase the activity and therefore increases energy expenditure of the day.

Weight training or sprint

The weight training or sprint is one of the more strenuous exercise to lose weight. The energy for these activities comes almost exclusively from carbohydrate and total calories burned is very high, but can not be done for short periods due to muscle fatigue. However, many rest periods are needed between each fight that results in fewer total calories burned during a workout. In addition, these exercise regimens should be followed after consulting a fitness expert.


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