1 Week flat belly diet plan

Here is an exclusive strategy to help you shape up in 2013.

Celebrity trainer Wayne Duigan's Fresh & Trim diet strategy program can help you reduce all the unwanted flab. The diet strategy plan involves cutting out 'toxic' meals that motivate the system to store fat - such as liquor, glucose and unhealthy meals. Meals on James's diet strategy program are complete of seafood, lean meat - such as poultry and poultry - and fresh, ideally organic vegetables.

 Jennei says, "My diet strategy works on the principle that your body's organic state is lean and fit, not gradual and fat. But unhealthy meals and drinks and excess glucose contaminate the system, causing fat to stick to the waist, thighs, bum and belly. However, as soon as you stop doing the wrong thing, your system reacts very quickly, and you'll get lean quick. But you have to believe you can do it. It doesn't matter how often you have failed in the past. What matters now is focusing on what you want and acting."

Food rules Make these changes to what you eat strategy to shed bodyweight and get a smooth belly fast!

1 Cut the C.R.A.P: Avoid the four main types that cause fat to stick to our bodies: caffeine, refined glucose, liquor and unhealthy meals.

2 But allow yourself a weekly 'cheat' food. Once a week, enjoy an indulgent food of whatever you fancy, from creamy rice to a slice of delicious chocolate cake with cream. As ong as you're consuming clean, sensible meals the rest of enough time, an occasional high-fat treat actually speeds up your metabolism.

3 Take seafood oil supplements: They burn fat and supply fat.

4 Always have breakfast: Eat within one hour of getting out of bed. If you don't have here we are at a proper morning hours food, just grab a piece of fruit and a few nuts.

5 Don't eat after 8pm: Eating a large food in the evening when your human is reducing down or sleeping is a bad idea for your digestive function and bodyweight.

Five meals trades for smooth Abs

Bad croissants: Loaded with fat, glucose and no goodness Dairy products Most non-organic milk is full of testosterone Standard yogurt Most are complete of glucose Marg. Loaded with chemicals Beer Great glucose and calories

Better toasted bread bread: Fibre is excellent for digestive function Organic milk It's chemical-free Organic yogurt It's totally exempt from pesticides Olive oil spread Loaded with fat Organic cider Less liquor and calorie consumption.

Best spelt bread: No tummy-bloating gluten

Organic almond milk: Doesn't contain lactose that can cause stomach ache Organic full-fat yogurt Makes you experience complete and is less sugary than low-fat options Organic butter Natural and preservative 100 % free Good red wine Grape skin contains resveratrol, an excellent antioxidant

Tummy toning moves

James Duigan says, "Exercise wiser, not harder. So, if you are human extra fat, don't go mad with work out - get more out of less." These goes can help you get a slimmer belly as they reduce stress levels testosterone in the system, which motivate fat around your middle.

Breathing squat

- Go slow and low and do it again 10 times

- Stand with legs neck size apart, hands out and similar to floor

 - Breathe in through the nose, then reduced your bottom down as far as is still relaxed while breathing out l Pause for a few seconds, then inhale as you come up

Energy push Excellent for digestive function - breathe slowly and do it again 20 times

- Take a relaxed position with legs neck size apart, hands in front of you, hands facing down

- Breathe in and pull hands returning towards your shoulders

- Breathe out, pushing your hands returning out to starting position Leg tuck Excellent for reduced abs - do it again 10 times

- Lie returning, legs on ground, legs curved l Breathe in then bring legs into your chest as you exhale

- Breathe in again as you return you to the floor

Your meals plan

Stick to this diet strategy arrange for two weeks to start your losing bodyweight. It's best to begin on a weekend, when you have more a chance to get everything ready. Plus, you won't experience so stressed or hurried, which means you'll be less likely to yield to a mid-afternoon delicious treat.

Day 1 Breakfast: Omelette made with three egg whites and full of 75g sliced combined sweet peppers and a few spinach

Mid-morning snack: 100g poultry with ½ red spice up, sliced

Lunch: One cooked poultry, combined healthy salad leaves, red sweet peppers, peas and ¼ tablespoons olive oil

Mid-afternoon snack: 100g poultry breasts with ¼ cucumber, sliced

Dinner: 100g cooked poultry with steamed broccoli

Day 2 Breakfast: Cooked poultry with a few stir-fried kale

Mid-morning snack: 100g poultry breasts and ½ organic spice up, sliced

Lunch: Cooked haddock fillet with combined organic healthy salad, with ½ tablespoons olive oil

Mid-afternoon snack: 100g poultry breasts with 75g steamed broccoli

Dinner: One seafood meal with sliced dill and steamed organic beans

Day 3 Breakfast: 100g used seafood, plus spinach

Mid-morning snack: 100g poultry with ½ yellow spice up, sliced

Lunch: One cooked poultry with garden healthy salad and ½ tablespoons olive oil

Mid-afternoon snack: 100g poultry pieces with ¼ avocado

Dinner: One cooked lamb meal (or two cutlets); steamed oatmeal and spinach.


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