Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight- How to Shed pounds with Five Useful tips

Dieting and Exercising ain't your thing? Experts tell CT how to Shed pounds with Five Useful tips::

You have got all kinds of weight loss advice from family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances a countless number of times and frankly, you are fed up because it all boils down to: exercise more and eat less. You know that its easier said than done. But before you completely give up, try some of these tricks that will prevent  you from piling on further pounds and help you loss a few too.

a) Avoid High-Calorie Beverages Before Your Meal::  Yes, you heard that right. So bid adieu to Colas, Cold coffees and Chocolate milkshakes. These beverages are high in sugar, calories and low in nutritive value. Since they get absorbed faster, you feel hungry sooner.

b) Have a Spicy Appetizer::   Spicy foods stimulate blood circulation and raise the body's temperature. They may be helpful in giving a boost to sluggish metabolism and you may burn more Calories.

c) Avoid Heavy Meals Before Bedtime::   We all know that our body weight is the result of the amount of calories we consume and later burn. But when we eat is also important. Studies suggest that having high calories and fatty foods right before bedtime decreases the calorie burning process and increases the body's tendency to store fats.

d) Have A Hot Soup Before Your Meal::   The real trick is to avoid cream based soups and opt for clear soups with vegetables. Having a Hot Soup before meals makes one consume about 30% less calories during your meal and it also help in increasing metabolism.

e) No Time For Gym? Walk, Climb::  If you do not have time to hit the Gym, the least you can do is walk and climb stairs. So you see, just because you can't make it to the Gym, there's ni reason for you to push your weight loss plans on the back burner.


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