As A Body Spa Treatment At Home?

Body Spa Treatment At Home.

Spas are often expensive and everyone loves the feeling of being pampered, the bombing of a few thousand raises questions in the minds of the people. These treatments can be opted for hair, body and management of cellulite. Here are some ways to make spa treatments at home:


The face is the only body part that is exposed to dust and dirt, at any time of day.
Before starting a spa facial, be sure to keep the water rose, slices of papaya, cucumber juice, Fuller's earth, ground paste, apricot and honey comes in handy.
Cleaning your skin with your wash your face every day, followed by an exfoliation with home remedies, such as apricot paste will exfoliate the skin at the base and remove dead cells.
Do not rub too hard as this may damage the tissues of the face. The right amount of pressure to polish your skin.
After that, the mixture of rose water, cucumber juice and honey in a bowl and rub the skin with upward strokes. Make sure your skin absorbs the mixture. Try to assign that portion of the face the maximum 20 to 30 minutes. Then apply fuller's earth and allowed to dry completely.
Wash, followed by a hot towel on the face of compression. This closes the pores remain open on the face. Also, if you go directly into the sun after a spa, do not forget to apply your sunscreen.


Let your hands rest pampered at home! Spa manicure normal usually takes from 30 to 40 minutes.
Remove traces of your old nail polish.
File your nails. Give it the shape you want. Most women go to the rounded corners to prevent breakage and chipping of nails. Apply the cream or cold cream cuticle as an alternative to nails in teaspoons carefully covering the edges of the nails as well.
Soak in warm water sprinkled with lavender oil.
Oil will help restore moisture to the skin.
Using a wooden orange, start pushing the cuticles of your nails evenly on all sides. You have to avoid cutting the cuticles, as it often leads to damage and infection.
Nail buffer, which removes the layer of irregular nails.
Dry hands with a towel and apply a bead glow in the hands of a bunch is easily available on the market.
Wash it off when it dries completely and massage with tea tree and almond oil into your hands and arms. With a clean cloth, remove excess oil and paint nails preferred.
Look at your hands to shine again! You can apply the same procedure, the session pedicures as well.


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