General Nail Cares Should to be Taken

General Nail Cares Should to be Taken

Splitting and breaking nails of the nails is a common problem. There are many reasons that attribute to the splitting and breaking of nails. Most of the time it is the household activities like washing, cleaning etc that is harsh on the nails. But a lot also depends on how we treat them. And what we eat. Eggs and whole grains if added to your diet, then nails may grow healthy and beautiful. Many a times the natural oil from our hands is taken away by the usage of soaps and detergents in our daily routine . The nails then become brittles and dry. A regular manicure is advised here. You can also apply vitamin e oil to your nails regularly. 

-If you have a habit of nail biting, drop it soon as possible. It is extremely destructive for the nails as well as the cuticles.
-Whenever you take a bath and wash hands make sure to dry the nails properly. Also apply hand cream or lotion on nails also. This is because soap makes the nails dry and brittle.
-It is not a good idea to remove the cuticles from your nails, as it will make the nail susceptible to infection.
-All ways use the softer side of a emory bord on your finger nails and the rougher part on your toes, You have already been told about filing by other people.
-NEVER file your nail when wet.(The nail is weaker and you will split it.)
-You can cut the cutical back just be careful not to cut two far, only cut off excess.


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